Welcome to the Emerging Software Technologies (EST) Lab

Our EST Lab focuses on interdisciplinary research in quantum software engineering, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Our strategic plan is to bridge the gaps among these research areas and develop innovative methods and tools to prepare software systems for the era of quantum computing.


I am looking for three Ph.D. research assistants (starting in Spring 2025) who are interested in machine learning and quantum computing. Please see the requirements in Job Posting. Potential Ph.D. candidates must be self-motivated, have a strong interest in research, and be capable of working independently. If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to drop me a line at leizhang@umbc.edu. Thanks.

Departmental requirements and deadlines can be found here. During the Ph.D. program, candidates are highly encouraged to submit at least one journal or conference publication per year in a lead role.