Welcome to the Emerging Software Technologies (EST) Lab

I am looking for Ph.D. students who are interested in software engineering and quantum computing.

Requirements for Ph.D. Candidates:

1. Potential Ph.D. candidates must be self-motivated, have a strong interest in research, and be capable of working independently.

2. During the Ph.D. program, candidates are highly encouraged to submit at least one journal or conference publication per year in a lead role. Please read this authorship guideline from Yale: https://provost.yale.edu/policies/academic-integrity/guidance-authorship-scholarly-or-scientific-publications.

3. Departmental requirements and deadlines can be found here: https://informationsystems.umbc.edu/home/graduate-programs/doctor-of-philosophy-programs/doctor-of-philosophy-in-information-systems/.


I also seek thesis-based Master’s students with strong programming skills (e.g., Python and/or Java).

Requirements for Thesis-based Master’s Candidates:

1. Potential candidates must be self-motivated, have a strong interest in research, and be capable of working independently.

2. Thesis study consists of 3 semesters. In the first semester, you will collaborate with me in Independent Study (IS 700). You will receive 3 credits for working on a mini-research project. For the second and third semesters, you register the thesis study (IS 799, 3 credits per semester, 6 credits in total) with me. By the end of the third semester, you finish the thesis defense. Departmental requirements can be found here: https://informationsystems.umbc.edu/home/graduate-programs/master-of-science-programs/master-of-science-in-information-systems/details/.

3. There is no scholarship associated with independent study. Only students with excellent performance in independent study will be considered to proceed with a thesis.

4. Thesis-based students will be considered for Graduate Assistantship (GA), subject to funding approval. Part-time or full-time GAs will receive in-state tuition fees and be waived for 3 credits for thesis study. Tuitions, stipends, and GA Handbook can be found at https://gradschool.umbc.edu/funding/assistantships/stipends/.


Currently, there is no GA position provided for non-thesis-based Master’s students.


If you are interested in joining my research program. Please feel free to reach out to me by email and send me your CV and publication record. Looking forward to collaborating with you!